Besa continues with victory, defeats Junik in Karagaq

The seventh round of this season meets with Junik in “Karagaq” of Peja. The triumph of this match belongs to our team which we scored a solid victory with a 5-2 result against Junik.

As we had warned in this match, Captain Agon Rexha was absent, who was invited to England’s Futsal team and Ron Radoniqi, who was injured. Despite these two shortages our players accomplished the task successfully. Five goals were enough to defeat Junik, making them impossible to score more than twice.

The first part of the match does not show a good result for our team where we were labeled yellow cards against Orhan Ibishi and a goal from Junik despite numerous occasions. The teams went on half-time pause with a minimal result for the good of the guests.

The second part took another step. Besa completely dominated by scoring a total of 5 goals. Melos Kelmendi has been very careful since the beginning of the second half scoring twice and sending Besa in the lead. Junik scored once more so to leave the scene for FC Besa where they scored another 3 goals. Endi Hoti, Bardh Kelmendi and Fatlum Pishtani were the ones who put the final result of the match at 5-2 for our club.

Next week we travel to Prizren to play the final match of this season.

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