Besa returns to the victories, defeats Drenica at home

Our club has returned to the victories, in this case defeating FC Drenica team in Peja’s “Karagaq” with result 4-2.

After the disappointing result of Prishtina, the club has been reorganized and has gathered the necessary powers to play with Drenica in triumph, and so it happened. Eager for victory was seen from the beginning of the match, in which we organized a lot of cases where we converted some of them to the goal. It is worth mentioning that in this match we encountered scandalous referrals which have damaged both teams with their judgments, which were numerous and wrong.

From the first part of the match, we split with an equal result in 1-1, where for our club scored Melos Kelmendi in the 12th minute.

The second part was more productive but also stiffer. Bardh Kelmendi, a newcomer from the Feniks team, has scored in his debut match in Besa’s shirt which raised Besa’s lead to 2-1. Things went better for our team where Ron Radoniqi scored for 3-1 and Shkodran Loshaj marks a minute before the end of the match to put the final result at 4-2 in the best of our team.

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