We ended the first season with a big victory in Prizren

We have developed the final match of the first season of the Superleague of Kosovo in futsal against Prizren, which was characterized by a high rhythm of rivalry and with the overthrow of the result by our team.

Thanks to the maximum engagement of the players we managed to collect 3 points from the 8th match at the Kosovo Super Cup in futsal where we meet with the team from Prizren. The first part belongs to the home team where they scored two goals. Despite the chances and the occasions our, team did not manage to accomplish during the first half.

The teams went to the first half break with a positive result for the opposing team. Head coach Adnan Hyseni, having seen the progress of the match, decides to change the strategy and from the beginning of the second half, he applied a joker game (5 players) which has proved to be the correct one.

Concentrated and determined to win was revealed to Besa players from the beginning of the second half. Didn’t pass even 5 minutes after the second half when Ron Radoniqi narrows the score to 2-1. For the equalization of the result for our team Bardh Kelmendi took care of in the 29th minute. Although we managed to equalize the result and there were still 11 minutes until the end of the match, the head coach was only determined to win, thus risking the result of continuing the joker game (5 players) which continued to be successful. For the lead, Bardh Kelmendi scored again in the 35th minute. Final score put Shkodran Loshaj with a goal a minute later 2-4 on the good of our team.

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